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Ten features of scented candle that make everyone fall in love

January 19, 2020 9 min read

Ten features of scented candle that make everyone fall in love

Ten features of scented candle that make everyone fall in love

Candle-lit dinners are always a big hit when it comes to romantic encounters. Besides that, a flickering candle symbolizes hope in the darkest of hours. A sense of purity, cleanliness, and festivity. The light of candle exudes spiritualism despite its trivial size.

A wax light is a subtle item yet it's every ingredient embodies important aspects of a lifespan. Take for example its wax which implies life. The wick represents the soul of life; humanity. Light defines love, divinity, and harmony. The delicate flicker shows resilience and the heat may signify humility and never-ending spirit.

Candles are as old as man itself. The light was a necessary item for even the cavemen. Their history goes back to 5000 B.C. Early Romans developed wick candles using papyrus dipped in beeswax. As man progressed and developed into a more sophisticated being, a touch of finesse came into his accessories. So from big torches that lit up the whole cave, minimalism led to the creation of candles. When life became luxurious, decorations and ensembles adorned the petite lights.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, scented candles became the ultimate fad. And why not. Fragrances and scents adorn our accessories and attires. Our ambiance should smell as beautiful as us. The boom in the wax light industry has a lot to do with scented candles. Tagged with a wide array of health benefits, they are just too hard to ignore.

Scented candles not only add to a decorative interior but a pleasant-smelling air. It also introduces your unique personal touch. More than 80 of consumers in the US use scented variety in their homes. It is because nothing beats the memorable, relaxing and personal ambiance created by a candle.

Pollution awareness is the rise among the public.  The introduction of environment-friendly candles has grown. These emit less hazardous particles. So as the consumers’ preferences shift, so does the making and design of rush candle. Whatever the case is, the trend of using scented candles does not seem to fade anytime soon.

Some fun facts about the candle industry

The upcoming holiday season embraces Christmas and New Year at a time. At such times, the ideas for gifts and presents often run short. Scented candles remain the best option either as decorative or gift items. Inexpensive and pretty with an intriguing smell. They are available at

  • Departmental stores
  • Home decor sections
  • Specialty shops
  • Gift outlets
  • Online merchandisers

These are never a failure with anyone. They remain a big hit with all ages. 

In the US, approximately 35% of candle sales occur during the Christmas or Holiday season. The other 65% accounts for non-seasonal sales.  The US consumes more than 1 billion pounds of wax for producing the candles. The huge figure of $3.14 retail sales of candle products per year is a loud advocate of the increasing trend.  The global candles market had a value of US$ 7.5 billion in 2016. It is expected to reach US$ 11.70 billion by 2025.

More than 10,000 different scents are available in the U.S. for use in wax flickers. Scented candles are a favorite as a decor item and for aromatherapy. Because of their convenient availability, they draw a huge consumer market. Access to many distribution channels is a big reason for their increasing retail. The popularity of e-commerce has also contributed to their sales. There is extensive information and reviews available online. For example, scented candles for Habibi is quite prominent in this regard.

There is an endless variety of sizes and shapes of candles. They include

  • tapers
  • votive
  • pillars
  • tea lights
  • container and jar candles
  • floating candles
  • liturgical candles
  • outdoor candles
  • novelty candles
  • utility candles
  • birthday candles
  • scented candles

Usually purchasing them is an inexpensive affair. Yet the scented variety packed in beautiful containers, jars, and boxes may fetch a hefty tag.

The scent of a candle is the most fetched feature by consumers. Color, cost, shape and the container of a candle follow. Three fourth clients regard the scent as a very important factor while buying a candle. According to research, these pretty flickers make an ideal gift for

  • Holidays of all kinds
  • House-warming occasions
  • Dinner-party gift for the host
  • As a thankyou note
  • Birthday gifts for anyone

Ten reasons why scented candles make such a cherished gift

Scented ones are a favorite. There are no second thoughts about it. Here are ten reasons why.

  1. Uniqueness and individuality

Out of the infinite smells, you must have few as your favorite. That favorite scented candle delivers a unique touch to your living quarters. People visiting your home associate that smell with your personality. Changing the odor of your home with different scents add a novelty to the ambiance. Surprise your friends and family with a new fragrance every time. Scented nightlights give you a chance to be innovative and creative. Flaunt your eccentricity and persona by burning your favorite scents. 

  1. Improves air quality

Our olfactory sense encounters different smells all day long. The smell of your car interior is different than your office. Subways and trains carry smells of all kinds. One must admit most of them are not pleasant.  A scented candle is an easy and inexpensive way to ward off the effects of unpleasant smells. Be it your office or your home, there is one aroma just right for the occasion. It is important to have an agreeable fragrance regardless of the locale. It contributes to our well-being and our working spirit.

Scented candles mask away unwelcome odors. Select from a wide range of scents. Some best ones include:

  • fruity
  • baked goods
  • herbal
  • earthy and airy
  • clean and oceanic
  • woodsy and masculine
  • floral and feminine
  • food and drinks
  • season-specific
  • festive


  1. Evocative and nostalgic

Fragrances are beautiful reminders. Be it cherished childhood memories or someone you love. They can take you back in time and stir pleasant feelings. We, as humans, like to stay attached to our past. If the memories are pleasant ones, they invigorate our souls. Beautiful dreams emerge. Who does not love them?

Vanilla brings back the smell of grandma home-baked cookies. The smell of apple and cinnamon stir up the vibes of a romantic evening. Balsam fir takes you to a leisure stroll in a forest.

The best thing about scented candles is that you can surround yourself with the perfect vibe. It is all too convenient, inexpensive and takes no time at all. What else do you need in life?

  1. Adds to a cozy ambiance

Candles exude warmth and coziness wherever lit. The soft flicker illuminating a powder-room. Lavender refreshing the entrance of your home. They add more than just light and fragrance. Nightlights turn a house into a warm abode.

Wax light are very versatile. They look great in every room. Place them in a bathroom and create a spa-like retreat. Place them strategically in your living room to make it cozy and calm.  Candles at the centerpiece of your dining table add a romantic touch. Kitchen varieties are great at killing odors. Using  outdoor pieces on your patio, porch, deck, and garden creates a magical escape.

Experts in interior design suggest a classic cozy home carries a comfy and inviting tone. This is particularly important during the holiday season or chilly winter breaks.

Scented night-lights have a signature strength to up the whole attire of your living quarters. The combination of aesthetics and emotional connections deliver a homey and welcoming tone. A scented candle burning in a corner reminds of gathering, festivity, and celebration. It makes you more confident as the owner of the house when you make an aesthetic choice.

With more scents evolving each passing day, there is no dearth of selection options. The intriguing designs of candleholders and containers make scented candles a masterpiece. Make your statement. Fragrance from these pretty flickers help you make just that. They enable delivering an intention and cohesiveness instead of some boring decorative item. 

The decor items are updated with amazing elements. For example, take the smell of leather or tomato, homemade cookies or campfire. Fragrances are getting some surprising apprises too.

The whole idea gyrates around spreading familiar yet distinct smell. It clicks in making cozy connections to home. They instantly set the mood and the ambiance. Pair it up with vintage rug and plush cushions and rev up the whole décor. There is one scented candle just right for any setting. Whether you want to unwind after long hours of work or simply taking a warm bubble bath.

  1. Healthy and invigorating

Contrary to layman myths and fables, scented candles are not hazardous to health. Quality products come with clean and authentic ingredients. All of them are not made equal. The ones made from soy wax are soot-free. They are non-toxic and burn clean without damaging health effects. They have impressive longevity as compared to traditional paraffin wax variety.

The subtle flicker of nightlight imparts a lovely and tranquil ambiance. Well placed candles with the right scent deliver an irreplaceable intimate atmosphere. It goes a long way in easing down the anxiety and tensions of every day.

The use of candles is quite prevalent in aromatherapy. Known for their healing and relaxing properties. That is why fragrant ones are much beloved by massage therapists.  The delicate glimmer of the flame and its gentle glow helps soothe nerves. Breathing in your favorite aroma for a few seconds makes a big difference.

Scented candles used in aromatherapy are therapeutic. Infused with natural aromatic ingredients like plants, herbs, flowers, and grass; they deliver many health benefits. For example:

  • Instill a relaxed state
  • invigorate and energize
  • keep your mind positive and in productive mode

Japanese take full advantage of the stress-relieving properties of pine. They have come up with a therapeutic walk called shinrin-yoku. It means to take in the atmosphere of the forest. Proven by research, a 15-minute shinrin-yoku, i.e. a forest stroll, per day decreases hostile thoughts and ease away depression.

The scent of lavender is as big as a stress reliever. It also induces a relaxed state and helps improve sleep quality. The citrus smell like lemon or orange help

  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • help build positive energy


  1. Keep it bug-free

Certain scented candles help keep your setting bug-free. This is particularly important in the case of outdoor candles. The citronella scent is famous for its action in this regard. They make a perfect bug-repellent aide for individuals who have an allergic tendency to repellent sprays.


  1. Improve your sleep

Candles are relaxing on their own. Yet certain scented ones help with your sleep too. Take for example lavender which is a pretty favorite ingredient for easing insomnia.  Lavender helps calm down the racing heart and mind. It cuts back on overthinking processes by slowing down the nervous system. As your body relaxes, it becomes easier to fall into a deep nap.

Rose-scented variety also act as a sedative. The scent of mandarin is a stress reliever as well as a sleep inducer.  Blended with Neroli or jasmine, it helps to set the tone for a good night of sleep. Likewise smells like orange and sweet orange can also help you settle in for the night.

Chamomile and jasmine do the trick as well. Jasmine-scented are great for anyone with the restless leg syndrome. The muscles relax. You get to enjoy sleep without making flailing limbs and twitchy feet. The odor of sandalwood improves the duration of the sleep cycle.

The best way of using scented candles for improving sleep is by incorporating them into the bedtime routine. Light them while taking a bath, reading a book or enjoying a glass of warm milk. Be sure to blow them off before dozing off.

  1. A perfect escape route

Ward off mood tantrums; whether you’re own or others. We are dealing with stress every minute of the day. Call it meeting a ridiculous work deadline or a stupid argument with your neighbor. Too stressed out after family vacations and need another vacation again? Can you do that? No, it is next to impossible. What is possible is a little 'me time'. Sip your favorite wine, listen to old music and light a scented candle. It is that easy.

  1. Up your focus and rev up energy

Science shows surrounding yourself by nice fragrances deliver many health benefits to the mind and body. Scented candles help you pleasantly achieve that. A rosemary-scented flicker gets you up and going. Research says its stimulating properties help fight mental fatigue, physical exhaustion, and headaches.

Candles integrating the smell of eucalyptus help improve focus. They are energizing, perfect for an office or your workplace. The ones with lemon verbena also work to increase your mind's retentivity.

To improve focus and ease away scattered-brain feelings, light up a peppermint-scented candle. The scent proves beneficial by revving up motivation, cognitive stamina, and performance.  So next time you are preparing for exams, you know which scent you need to light.

  1. As a travel mate

If there is one luxury item that you can take it on the road, it is your scented candle. It makes you feel right at home away from home. No other decor item serves the purpose of a pleasant reminder of your living room back home. Available in travel tins and containers.  A fragrant candle turns any corner of the world into a personal sanctuary.



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