Jasmine is The Fragrance Obsession Of Almost Every Woman

Jasmine is The Fragrance Obsession Of Almost Every Woman

Jasmine is the fragrance obsession of almost every women

Feminine, chic and iconic. Jasmine is the note that stands for a refined and regal aura of a woman who knows how to make a lasting impression. Sure of herself, the millennial women of today settle for nothing less than the best. Be it for herself or her loved ones; she reaches out to achieve only the incredible. That is why when it comes to her attire, she makes sure to present herself impeccable exclusivity. Smelling a note apart from the rest is part of her style statement. It is not surprising that she goes for the sweet intoxicating jasmine fragrance.

The use of jasmine fragrance is as old as time itself. A favorite of royals and elites, it remains a fad botanical scent for centuries.  The oil is evocative and powerful and a popular ingredient of modern perfumery. Known as the king of oils because of its popularity and expensive tag. Jasmine fragrance reserves a place in premium perfumes of every woman collection.  A unisex odor, about 83% of women fragrances and 33% of men perfumes contain the subject note.

And so, as the sun sets on tradition and rises on innovation, our fragrance Jasmine Oud stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of heritage and modernity, capturing the essence of jasmine's timeless allure, crafted exclusively for those who revel in the extraordinary.

Jasmine - the origin

The delicate white flowers with their subtle smell remains an ever- prized accessory. From its infusion into green tea to the inclusion of its oil in grooming products. The floral scent mesmerizes one's senses. The plant with its small dark green leaves speckled with starry white flowers is a delightful spectacle itself.

The word jasmine  has a Persian origin. It means gift from God. That is why the use of jasmine flowers in religious and cultural events is common in many parts of the world. The rich and delectable smell symbolizes love, peace, and modesty. Another name for the flower is Queen of night. It is because the flower yields its full odor at night after the day’s heat has simmered down.

The petite shrub belongs to the olive family. With more than 200 species, it comes in all shapes and sizes. There are deciduous and evergreen varieties. Then there are poisonous and non-poisonous types as well. Found in tropical and subtropical areas of Asia and Europe.  The plant's home ground remains southern and southeast Asia. These regions house a diversity of this plant. 

The floral shrub originated in the Himalayas in western China. Europe got introduced to the Jasmine plant in the 16th century. After that, France, Spain, Japan, Morocco, and Turkey cultivated it on a commercial level.


Why Jasmine fragrance is expensive?

Some varieties are not expensive and are easily available. Aromatic products like candles, soaps incorporate their sweet smell. The essential oil used in the perfume industry is exclusive and expensive. So is the plant product used for aromatherapy.  

 Jasmine flowers are very delicate. To preserve their fragrance, they are hand-picked by experienced workers. The picking starts at night-time or the buds are collected early in the morning. This is to save the nectar from busy bees and insects. The buds are selected according to their size, firmness, and color.  The green young buds are left. Fresh buds and large flowers that yield the strongest smell are preferred. After a diligent pick, the flowers get processed soon after to yield the rich and heady character oil.

The painstaking task of oil extraction is one of the many reasons for its expensive nature.  8000 fresh flowers yield a gram or a milliliter of this sweet-smelling absolute.

Then the oil used in perfumery is quite distinct. One of the premium variety includes that of Royal Jasmine.  Also known as Catalonian or Spanish, it comes from Jasminum grandiflorum. Another Jasmine absolute comes from the Jasminum officinale version of the plant. It is also called ‘poets jasmine’ and is one of the most fragrant varieties. Jasminum Sambac is known as Tuscan or Arabian. With different names, the pearl-white flowers never fail to amuse our noses.

The absolute essential oil fetches a higher price. Usually combined with other notes as an accord or they may be singular note. It blends particularly well with citrus oils, bergamot, rose and sandalwood. Whatever the case, jasmine fragrances are worth every penny. Why? Because, there is no smell worse than cheap fake ingredients. Perfumes containing jasmine absolute smell nice with lasting effects. 

This is one oil that has smooth relaxing effects on the wearer. Known for its anxiety-relieving properties, the oil works wonders  for your skin as well. It improves skin tone and softens the texture. It helps ease away scars, marks, and blemishes. The essential oil of jasmine has added upshots besides its use in perfumes. Some of these include:

  • used in massage therapy, supports muscles, and joints
  • Supports the circulatory system
  • Backs the respiratory function
  • Beneficial for oily skin and various ailments
  • Stimulating aroma advocates feelings of inner strength, warmth, and vitality

Jasmine _ the odor profile

The petite white flowers of jasmine turn back the clock to refreshing care-free summer holidays. The soft breeze flows through a maiden's hair held together by a garland of pretty white beauties. It speaks of romantic walks along lonely streams deep inside the woods. Gullible children running after each other among orange blossom trees and jasmine shrubs. Fun-filled laughter of merry-making fills the star-lit terraces echoing with music.

Such is the odor profile of these floral gems. Unique and enthusiastic, the smell is rejuvenating and energizing. Jasminum sambac and grandiflorum have intense scent making them perfect for heady perfumes. After rose, this floral nuance is the most sought-after in the perfume-making industry. Rose and jasmine make the foundation pillars of perfumery. A perfume without the exotic jasmine is hard to find.

 Jasmine concrete is a yellowish-brown waxy mass.  The absolute is a viscous clear yellowish-brown liquid. Both exude the delicate odor of fresh flowers. 

The Jasmine fragrance is intensely sweet, almost narcotic. It may have a piercing nuance when combined with other floral notes. A rich note with a muskiness to it, the extract has a different smell according to the area of origin. Sweet, medicinal, musky and green; the notes are surprising and astounding whenever you smell them.

Different scent arrangements of Jasmine

Jasmine fragrance may be the sole scent ingredient. For example in scented candles, body lotions, bath products and beard oil for men. Aromatic products usually contain it as a singular scent. In French perfumes containing a singular floral extract goes by the term soliflore.

Perfumes are often floral bouquets of many smells. Florals are one such variety. Fragrances belonging to amber variety contain vanilla with a floral scent like jasmine. Citrus smells also go great with jasmine.  The citrus adds a fresh tangy zing that mellows down the sweet intensity of jasmine fragrance.

The floral smell of jasmine often makes the heart of any perfume. It usually becomes prominent as the top note evaporates.  Lasting longer than the top note, the middle note is an important accessory to  base note. The base note gets influenced by the predecessor middle note. That is why the designers at work carefully select the notes to pair up in a jasmine fragrance. The accompaniment of floral notes maybe fruity or spicy. Together, the different notes must make an accord where one note makes space for others. The combination of a base note, middle note, and the top note results in a perfume's aroma. It changes with subtle effects the longer it stays on your skin. Yet it should be signature to your style.

Jasmine fragrance goes well with woody scents too. It reveals the freshness of the flower with a dark resinous character. The warm scents of tonka beans and amber balance the sweet smell of jasmine.

Jasmine essential oil blends well with the following essential oils. They make a beautiful combination when used in fragrances. 

  • Frankincense,
  • Sandalwood,
  • Lemongrass,
  • Geranium,
  • Helichrysum,
  • Melissa,
  • Wild Orange,
  • Rose, and
  • Spearmint essential oil

With its unique capability of fusing with so many other ingredient oils, jasmine fragrance is a favorite in perfumery. A hint of this floral absolute in the heart of a scent makes the entire fragrance composition richer and mysterious. The seductive and voluptuous middle layer adds to jasmine fragrance’s opulence and richness as no other note.

Jasmine fragrance ­_ for the love of it

This white floral scent represents a serious drama when it comes to seductiveness. Did you know that? Well, now you do. Attraction and appeal via scents is a complicated matter. While a note may draw a person to you, the same may send the opposite party running for hills. With jasmine fragrance, it is a safe bet, always.

The power to seduce tags perfumes. It remains the biggest tool of all millennia across the globe. While perfumes are a personal accessory, they set a signaling tone to the opposite sex. The nerve endings in our nostrils take the signals and stimulate the limbic system in our brain. This part of the brain handles our emotional response and behavior. That includes our sex drive. So diligent selection while going out command attraction.

Wearing a perfume might not include any goals of such type for you.  But the fact remains that certain scents influence a person's lure and charm. You might wear perfume for your pleasure. Never knowing the scent increases your magnetism. You hold the power of attraction with how you smell.

Many men are not floral oriented. For some floral scents are too granny-type for them. However, with perfumery becoming an art, designers have come up with irresistible accords. For example, the combination of florals like jasmine with a woody or spicy notes makes heads turn. Rose and jasmine portray a woman's face as more attractive and alluring. Spicy notes add a kick to floral scents like jasmine fragrance. They represent a female who is outgoing and full of energy.

Jasmine fragrance is the most sensual scent out there.  There is a scientific reason for that. The essential oil contains indole. A strong-smelling chemical that is naturally found in the oil. It helps attract insects for pollination. So what attracts insects is not good enough for humans? Why not because our body contains indole as well. Wearing a scent with this white floral smell certainly adds to our attractiveness.

Jasmine is one of the more erotic scents one can wear. You do not need a lot to capture the smell.  Less is more in the case of jasmine. "Almost all jasmine perfumes are indolic," perfume specialist Victoria Frolova says.

The perfume pairs up with other florals in perfect balance. Jasmine creates "a complex, rich note with many nuances, such as green, fruity, even leathery," said perfumer Christine Nagel. It exudes "an optimistic solar scent, but with a sensual facet." It is out-and-out tempting and enticing.

Jasmine is all about being authentic. Authenticity and genuineness are rare commodities in this world. It sure makes the subject smell a plus point for your persona. A winning blend for intimate moments.

Some invigorating suggestions

Jasmine oud by Habibi is fast-becoming an icon brand. A floriental, it combines the musky dark odor of liquid gold oud with a hint of a floral absolute. Coming from the designer headquarters of the famous Dominique Bowley. The Jasmine oud is a must-have item. As, if the perfume was not enough. Habibi has a jasmine oud version in body lotion as well. A smooth combination of shea butter, cocoa butter and argan oil, the smell will never fail you. A nourishing product for all skin types.

First Glance by Habibi NY contains the sensuous jasmine as a middle note. Paired up with rose essence. Harmonized by citrus and spicy top layers, the perfume is teasingly pleasant. The perfume has its equivalent in body lotion as well. For convenient wear, the smell lasts all day long keeping you refreshed and vibrant. 

Habibi caters to men and women perfumes. Besides, the beard oil for men and body lotions for women come in irresistible packages for everyday use. A premium-quality brand with a fair price tag as Habibi is hard to find on the market.

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