Secrets of Scented Beard Oil That Groom Your Personality

Secrets of Scented Beard Oil That Groom Your Personality

Secrets of Scented Beard Oil That Groom Your Personality

Embrace your beards because they signify a man who knows his place in the world. The millennials have a new saying for men

“You are known by the beard you keep”

A beard speaks volumes of your character traits. It depicts a gallant image of burly, strong and ingenious personality ready to take on the world. Opting for a hippy styled fur or designer fuzz. Your facial fleece signifies sexual virility and male dominance.

If Jason Momoa has opted for a clean-shaved look, it does not make the beard an off-thing. There are contrasting examples too. Take inspiration from Hemsworth or Elba. Beards are the latest fad with men of today. Keeping a stubble is not new. It has always been a symbol of maturity and declaring manhood.

How do you ‘beard’?

The history of keeping a fuzz goes back in time when Greeks ardently followed this ritual. However, this trend has seen its highs and lows. At one hand cultural habits and economical tides had their influence. On the other hand, shaving products and other amenities influenced grooming solutions.

The modern era of the late 18th and early 19th century saw the beard-trend subside. A clean and hygienic look took over the male population as their living quarters gained access to shaving gadgets.  Disposable blades became a sensation as regards male grooming in the 1920s. 

However, in the late 20th century, the new generation broke free of the prototype unspoiled look of their parent generation. It is here that we see a dominance of hippy styled facial hair. Creativity and revolution were the major themes behind the 60s and 70s look.

The late 20th century welcomed alternative art. Beards survived an era of the grunge look, soul patch and simple scruffs. The signature look of Bee Gees backed by disco culture reigned. The current century is experiencing a comeback of fuzzy and patchy look. Evolving into a bun-and-beard style or bald-n-beard. It complements the exclusive audacious and valiant look that makes head turn. 

What dictates the current beard trends?

Today, time is observant of a mature and seasoned beard trend. Facial add-on is not messy or shabby.  Driven by a grooming industry, beards are not simple affairs anymore. Men maintain their facial prestige rather than letting it take its path.

Growing a beard is easy. It is the maintaining part that may leave you scratching your head off. After all, beard in today’s society is more of a social characteristic. It is a stereotypical spur that connects with masculinity and control. That is the reason grooming experts predict the style is here to stay now. So it becomes all too important to groom your facial fuzz. Beards are the ‘in’ thing but keeping it neat and tidy is the ‘it’ of all.

 Men are spending more on grooming of their facial fringe. It includes not only the beard hair but also the skin underneath. The chin hair should be soft and smooth. The skin beneath should also get moisturized without any dryness or flakiness.

Special products hit the shelf every day to aid grooming.  Trims get waxed along with the element of fading and beard blowouts. In addition to:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Shaving product
  • Skin moisturizer

A beard product also enlists as grooming essential. A bush on the face should appear smooth, shiny, and fresh. It should also smell good if you want to please your partner. For that, a scented beard oil works wonders. A lavish and swanky badge of honor on your chin is certainly no joke to maintain.


Do you need a beard oil?

Well, if you do not belong to Stone Age and live in caves, the answer is yes. Taking care of your chin goatee is as important as taking care of your headgear. Beard oil works like a magic potion. It contains conditioning agents. Some types contain essential ingredients that help your beard grow into a healthy bush.

Using oil is definitely not against the idea of masculinity. Unlike what some may think, it helps to preserve your vanity by enhancing your looks and increasing self-confidence. ‘Seeing’ is ‘believing’. Once you use beard oil, you will find it to be an essential instead of a luxury.

Consider your skin as grounds for your hair. The healthier the ground is, the better the crop will be. A beard oil actually helps you maintain vigorous skin. 

Our skin contains sebaceous glands. They are present all over our body except for palms and soles. They produce sebum, an oil-like substance that keeps our skin moisturized. Sebum also keeps our skin hydrated by preventing excess water loss from skin surfaces. Moisturized and hydrated skin support healthy skin appendages like nails and hair. 

The hair on your chin gets its nutrition from the facial skin. When you decide to grow a beard, demand for more nutrition and moisture increases. The skin sebaceous glands become stressed in an attempt to fulfill the demand.

It is here that beard oil comes to rescue. Sebaceous glands are small and produce a limited amount of sebum. This limited amount becomes scarce as beard hair grow. Signs signaling the need for oiling the beard include:

  • skin shows signs of dryness and flakiness
  • your beard starts to itch
  • the beard hair grow out to be wiry and brittle

So before you pick up a razor to get rid of the itchy beard, give it a chance with oil. Beard oil contains essential oils that act in conjunction with the sebum. Such co-operation supports the healthy growth of beard. It prevents the already grown length of goatee from drying out.

 Make sure to use a fuzz oil with natural ingredients. Products containing chemicals or silicone do irreversible damage.

What comprises a beard oil?

What is beard oil? Is it specific or a special combination? Does it contain added nutrients or antiseptic agents? Is scented beard oil the same as a normal disposition? Read on to know.

Beard oil is not a single ingredient composition. It contains two types of lubricants.

  • Carrier oils
  • Essential oils

The subject oil contains 95% of carrier oil. The rest of the 5% is essential. This ratio is typical to all the beard oils.

Why can’t beard oil only have essential oil in its composition?

Well, each component has a specific functional trait that sets it apart from others. Besides serving a specific function, the combination of oils keeps the total cost down. It allows for quality control as well as a control on the final price of oil. 

Essential oils are pure concentrates. They can irritate the skin if used on their own. So they need a base to mask their shortcoming.

Let us see what each constituent delivers in beard oil.

Carrier oil

Essential oils are usually aromatic and very volatile. If they are not mixed in another base, they evaporate leaving no trace of fragrance.

Carrier oils help to retain essential element in beard oil by acting as a base for later. They maintain the original composition.

Carrier oils also act to dilute the concentrated essential agents.

Besides that, they penetrate deep into the skin pores. Thus, they deliver full benefits of oil down to the root of the hair follicle.

Each carrier oil features different therapeutic properties. So a scented beard oil not only acts as a cologne but caters to grooming aesthetics as well.

Essential oils

These oils, though used in small amounts, add fragrance to grooming product. They have therapeutic properties of their own as an add-on.

As the name indicates, essential oils are the essence of plants. Concentrated, these represent an extract of the plant's aromatic compounds. There are more than 90 varieties discovered. Touted for their potential health benefits. They certainly make an essential part of scented beard oil.

As essential oils are concentrates, they damage sensitive skin upon contact. So their dilution with carrier constituent is important to reap the benefits.

The use of essential oils is quite prevalent in the cosmetic industry. Many household products make use of various essential oils. However, scented beard oil make use of carefully selected essential ones. Following are some selection criteria:

  • high-quality pure oil is the one without any additives or synthetic agents
  • only mechanical cold press or distillation process yields a chemical-free essential oil
  • the brand name is important while selecting a pure essential oil product


Essential oils used in scented beard oil

Some best scented beard grooming yields contain essential oils as:

  • Coconut oil, a super moisturizer
  • Hazelnut oil reduces eczema and acne by hydrating the skin
  • Argon oil softens the skin
  • Jojoba oil, a deep moisturizer, a great solution for frizzy hair
  • Sweet almond, helps reduce ingrown hairs. Also, reduces inflammation
  • Lavender act as an anti-stress agent
  • Bergamot delivers antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Cedarwood one of the strong-smelling candidates for scented beard oil. It acts as an antifungal and antibacterial agent. It has a calming effect as well.
  • Cinnamon, a nerve soother
  • Clove oil exhibits a strong spicy smell
  • Eucalyptus oil touts many skin-caring qualities. Acts as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging agent
  • Lemon has an anti-toxin and cleansing effect
  • Peppermint has a great smell. It also caters to hair loss and acts to restore hair growth
  • Pine has an amazing anti-itch effect. Works great for beard itch in a scented beard oil
  • Patchouli is rich, spicy and musky. Acts as anti-aging and brings out aphrodisiac vibes
  • Rosemary oil helps stimulate hair growth
  • Sage oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties
  • Sandalwood oil reduces the beard itch
  • The enigmatic tea tree has overwhelming powers. Skin healing, root nourishment, and hair growth stimulant to name a few
  • Thyme extract prevents hair loss and has antibacterial traits

The upshots of using beard oil

Following are some advantages of oiling the facial stubble.

  • Beard oil act as a duo. It hydrates the hair as well as the skin underneath. The oil nurtures the dry skin from deep within. No dry or flaky patches. Deeply nourished root hair result in healthy hair growth.
  • Oil replaces the lost sebum, which escapes through the skin with time. It, thereby keeps a beard nurtured, hydrated and moisturized.
  • Any askew hair is tamed. With busy life schedules, it is almost impossible to get a hair blowout every day. Few drops of oil keep the hair in place with a stroke.
  • Scented beard oil act as a cologne. Essential oils like cedarwood and sandalwood keep your olfactory senses rejuvenated. Fresh smelling beard has an impact on the opposite sex.
  • Keeping your beard groomed is not important form aesthetic point of view. A clean goatee also protects you from skin infections.
  • Beard hair is terminal facial hair. They grow thick, dark and curly. Oil softens the hair. Your beard is more manageable and pleasurable to keep.
  • Oil help ward away split ends.

A recent study concluded that men beards contained more germs than dogs. So before people start to skittle away from you because of the bushy fuzz, keep it clean and groomed.

  • Oiling helps ward away beard itch and beardruff.

So beard oil is a one-stop solution for healthy fuzz. It acts as

  • moisturizer
  • nutrient supplier
  • conditioner
  • anti-septic agent

For both the facial coat and the skin beneath. Scented beard oil contributes to your signature style.

 When and how to apply beard oil?

The best time to use beard oil is first time in the morning. Perfectly combed and styled bush adds to much-needed self-poise at the start of the day.

Wash with beard shampoo. Dry it a bit. Take a few drops of oil and apply. Scented beard oil rejuvenate your senses. Brush it to deliver the lubricant evenly to the whole beard. Apply balm if required.

You can grease during the day if needed. Dry and cold weather may demand reapplication during the day.

Repeat the protocol at night. Instead of washing the beard with shampoo, just rinse it with simple water.

As for the question when to start using beard emollient, the answer is: as soon as you start growing your mannish pride. If you did not know that, then it is never too late to start, is it?





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