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The Best Fall Scents to Try this Autumn

As the days become shorter and chillier, we swap out our flip flops for boots and long cozy socks to take along on crisp evening walks. Who doesn’t love fall?

The gentle warmness of the sun against our skin with the trees basking in golden glory, fall is all about coziness and warm scents. The transition from sunny fruity notes to warmer, muskier scents with comforting and rich tones like tobacco, sage, leather, cinnamon, and incense are perfect for when the temperature drops.

It is time to drift away from common pumpkin spice scents and adopt richer scents with classic combinations of sweater-like comfort and unexpected blends that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Here is a lineup of some classic fall fragrances that will leave you excitedly tucking away your summer clothes and preparing for the sweet autumn goodness.

Velvet Royale

Velvet Royale is a fall scent that encompasses amber floral tones and subtle powdery scents. The scent of violet leaves and plum skins leaves you craving for more of that subtle sweetness that sweater weather calls for.

The scent feels warm with undertones of warm vanilla and musky oud, all combined to provide you with a delicate yet rich perfume that will linger on your skin for hours. Woody, spicy, and aromatic, this is the scent you need on long winter nights.

Sage & Citrus Oud

Fall nights call for a challenging yet well-blended unisex scent that can be worn on a night out with friends under the lit sky or on the sofa when all you want to do is cuddle with your partner under a heavy blanket. Sage, cumin, patchouli, and oud come together to create the most romantic and delicate scent that will appeal to men and women alike.

The Sage & Citrus Oud perfume is a must-have in your fall wardrobe. It is bound to remind you of the comfort of winter days as the sun sets early and the night seems endless. The familiar citrus scents and notes of lavender help lighten this spicy perfume so that you can wear it during the day as well.

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Honeyed Tobacco

The Honeyed Tobacco scent is made with a complex combination of honey and vanilla to form a soft, rich smell. Combined with deep tones of woody tobacco, this scent creates a wonderful complexity that perfectly encapsulates the best of both worlds- heavy and soft.

Honeyed Tobacco is a cold-weather scent that is prominent yet inviting and soft. If you want to walk into the room and capture everyone’s attention in a split second, this scent is perfect for you and the unlimited opportunities that lie your way. The peppery, leathery scent will have you reaching for more, especially since the citrus and pink pepper create a fascinatingly fresh scent that is hard to shake off. A perfect blend of coffee, honey, sweet tobacco, leather, and oud, get ready to fall in love with this master unisex scent.

Honeyed tobacco and oud box held in hand with a man in a tan leather jacket

Rose Amor

Rose Amor is an all time favorite versatile scent that can be used in summers, winters, fall, or spring. This perfume is for women who hold flirty, friendly scents close to their hearts. It is soft, sweet, and alluring, yet lightly musky with combinations of sandalwood and amber that go well with the touches of peach blossom and rose.

The gentle floral tones are poetic and airy, reminding you of the small, beautiful things in life. The fruited nectar scents make Rose Amor an everyday perfume that comes without fuss and weight. When you dab this perfume gently onto your wrists and collarbones, the first scent will be that of grapefruit and peach, accompanied by rose, heliotrope, and cedar. The base tones of cashmere musk and faint lingering scents of sandalwood mixed with rose make this an ever-favorite scent that you will never get tired of reaching for.

Rose amor bottle laying flat on a wood slab with pink roses in a circle around it

Desert Oud

If you are looking for a feeling of familiarity on days when it gets dark too soon, and the weather seems to be bringing you down, Desert Oud is your go-to scent. It is riddled with tones of airy wood- not the kind that feels overwhelming but rather the scent of a settling campfire where you roast marshmallows with your friends, huddled under chunky sweaters and singing songs to match the tunes of the guitar.

What makes Desert Oud different from traditional fall scents is that it combines scents of jasmine and tuberose with wood to create a spicy, bold scent that will remind you of flowers being watered by some desert rain. The hints of smoke create an earthy smell that is interrupted by fresh scents of peach and greens. This masculine scent will make you feel strong and free-spirited as the subtle mixture of citruses and rose reminds you of coolness.

Desert Oud bottle laying on a brown fur coat

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