Top 5 Fragrance Notes that Inspire Love

Top 5 Fragrance Notes that Inspire Love

For Habibi New York, love is always in the air- literally. If you are looking to add a bit more amore to your life, carry it with you in the form of a love-inspiring fragrance. There is no better way to evoke the feelings of passionate love than with a sensual, romantic fragrance housed in a gorgeous, rich glass bottle. 

The Sensual Power of Fragrance

Fragrance has the unprecedented power to alter overall mood, evoke beloved memories, transport to an enchanted place, and yes, even help fall in love! Simply inhaling an exclusive fragrance on someone special can inspire fervent love. It’s time to get struck by love as you delve into a world of elegant fragrances that entice the romantic spirit in you.

Our sense of smell is closely connected to our innate emotions. Neuroscientists have determined that our olfactory bulb, the part of the brain responsible for smell, can evoke subconscious psychological and emotional responses. The feelings of nostalgia and euphoria we experience when we smell our favorite fragrance tap into our memories. It’s this strong emotional component of fragrance that provides the potential for us to fall head over heels simply through scent.

Fragrance is a form of expression, a statement, a subliminal yet holistic way of revealing your mood, your personality construct, and projecting a piece of your identity and existence to others through smell. Fragrances are the perfect catalyst for dreamy alchemy, and they certainly entice feelings that are unexplainable in nature.

When it comes to falling in love or setting the right mood for Valentine’s Day, the fragrance is the most important alluring accomplice to add to your arsenal. –Roja Dove

Love Inspiring Fragrances

In favor of time and ease, we have put together the five most romantic and love-inducing fragrance notes to help narrow down your search for that perfect fragrance. If love is what you desire, choose one of the following fragrance notes.

The Faithful Rose

Rose fragrance- Habibi NY

The rose is widely regarded as the most romantic flower, with its saccharine and gentle scent. When you think of roses, you think of love and romance. We are predisposed to associate the scent of roses with romance, so opting for a rose-based fragrance is smart.

Many perfumes will use a red or pink rose in the development of scent. These rose colors deliver the typical rose smell, however, intense yellow and orange roses can provide a fruitier aroma, so keep an eye on those ingredient lists when selecting a fragrance.

Generally speaking, a rose scent is a powdery, floral scent with a lemony fresh edge for a perfectly balanced aroma. 

A few recommended rose fragrances to try:

Timeless Jasmine

Jasmine is used in various perfumes and has an exotic scent, which adds an aromatic floral smell to any fragrance. It creates a creamy, sweet fragrance that is known to be calming. Jasmine can result in the perfect balance of flowery meets woody, which prevents the fragrance from being too sweet. This can be a helpful ingredient to remember if your other half isn’t too keen on really sweet fragrances. Jasmine Oud Absolute has that perfect balance between sweet floral and woody.

Dreamy Vanilla

Vanilla is a popular scent and is often found in the base of a fragrance, which means it lingers beautifully when all other parts of the perfume have faded away. Vanilla is a warming and comforting scent, working well in all types of perfumes, from oriental and woody fragrances to floral ones.

Vanilla is a very versatile ingredient in many fragrances for both men and women, creating an almost edible, tangible scent that you recognize instantly. We recommend these delightful vanilla-based fragrances:

Intoxicating Patchouli

The scent of patchouli derives from a plant, giving it an earthy and fragrant musky smell. Patchouli can add great depth to a fragrance and is often found in oriental perfumes. It has a sweet yet smoky smell, which can perfectly balance the sweetness of many floral ingredients.

Patchouli is often used in the base of fragrances to round off the perfume with a balanced aroma. You may often find patchouli and vanilla working together to create the ultimate creamy, woody scent. We recommend trying these:

It is our greatest wish that our recommendations inspire love and romance for years to come. “When we LOVE, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”

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