How to Select a Fragrance for a Loved One

How to Select a Fragrance for a Loved One

Fragrance is a popular and timeless gift option for both men and women. When you think back to your first scent, it was most likely given to you as a gift from someone you cherished. It can be risky selecting a fragrance for a loved one because you can’t be certain they will love the scent. 

When you gift a fragrance to someone, you are expressing how much they mean to you. It's almost like saying, "I think this scent represents you." 

Why Fragrance?

Select a fragrance for a loved one

Dating back to the Egyptian-Roman period, gifting perfumes is considered a wonderful way to demonstrate affection and appreciation for a loved one. Universally, many people recognize perfume as an emotional and very personal gift. 

Before giving a fragrance as a gift, there are a few important things to consider. Selecting the perfect fragrance will require you to identify the person's favorite accords, notes, and preferences.  

Guide for Selecting a Fragrance

Consider three categories of fragrance notes when selecting a fragrance. High quality fragrance is complex and must be evaluated from the first few minutes it is applied, all the way to the last stretch. 

Top or Head Notes

Top notes are the very first scents released when the perfume or cologne is sprayed. It remains on the skin for a couple of minutes and then begins to dissipate, leaving behind faint notes.

Top notes are the first impression of the scent- usually the selling point of most perfume brands. These can be spicy and citrusy and they last for a couple of minutes before they settle down and blend with the other scents. Reflect on the personality of the person you are purchasing for and whether they are bold, edgy, and innovative or easy-going and nature-loving. 

Middle Notes

The middle notes are emitted once the top notes dissipate. These scents are usually more mellow and rounded to the nose. They use the familiar scent of rose, jasmine, and lavender- basically, a delicate, fresh scent. Middle notes last for an hour or two.

Base Notes

Base notes are the heart of any perfume and the most important part to consider when buying fragrance for someone. They blend with the middle notes, bringing complexity and depth to the overall fragrance. You will find that the base notes usually have the heaviest scents, like sandalwood, Oud, musk, amber, and vanilla.

These are rich and deep scents that blend with the rest of the fragrance to produce a unique scent. 

The final scent of a fragrance is referred to as the dry-down. Expect high-quality fragrances to change with every passing hour. You may have often wondered why a scent smells different on you than it does on your loved ones. The dry-down is responsible for this as it determines how the perfume will blend with the person's skin chemistry. 

Most Popular Fragrance Gifts

Selecting a new fragrance for a loved one can be a challenge. When in doubt, go with a best seller. 

For Him

Fragrance for him

  • Desert Oud. A long-lasting fragrance, Desert Oud begins with rich, woody notes mingling with musk, leather, and pipe tobacco. It progresses to include splashes of spicy black pepper and clove and finishes with fresh greens and jasmine. 
  • White Moroccan Leather. White pepper and nutmeg combine with orris incense and sandalwood for a rugged introduction. Well-worn leather and rich woody notes last all day giving an outdoorsy impression.
  • Honeyed Tobacco & Oud. This bold, contrasting fragrance opens with pink peppercorn and sage paired with bergamot and cinnamon. As the top notes dry down, fresh geranium and sweet honeyed notes of tobacco emerge. The fragrance finishes with a blend of leather, amber, oud, and coffee blooms that last for hours.

For Her

Fragrance for her

  • First Glance. This vibrant fragrance opens with bright citrus and fresh fruits with a touch of spice. The notes transform into romantic rose and jasmine and then mellows into woody tones. 
  • Jasmine Oud Absolute. Feminine and chic, this fragrance is a polished composition of jasmine, warm spices, fresh green, and a touch of leather. 
  • Rose Amor. The velvety rose fragrance is intertwined with sweet touches of heliotrope and peach blossom that gives way to a musky veil, creamy sandalwood and textured ambers.

If you still aren’t sure which fragrance is the right one, choose a discovery set so that your loved one can explore various fragrances before deciding on the perfect one. In each set, they'll get a a $25 credit towards their full size favorite.


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