Why people like unisex cologne in every season

Why people like unisex cologne in every season

Why people like unisex cologne in every season

Do you belong to the community of daring souls ready to break boundaries? Then unisex cologne is for you. The current millennium is endorsing a change. A change that is more conspicuous in the world of beauty and fashion. Unisex and gender-neutral products are making an appearance on beauty shelves every minute. 

The fragrance industry remains the pioneer in crossing the gender binary line. It was Calvin Klein's CK One marking the launch of a unisex scent line some twenty-four years ago. It voiced a new temperament and attitude in society. A break from cultural norms and status-quo. It reflected liberation from square and orthodox ideals.

Perfumes fragrances remain an uncontroversial tool to defy gender norms. Definitive and powerful, their fragrance power is irrefutable. That is why they remain a fad among people from season to season.

Not only perfumes but the agender trend is on the rise. Society is changing its views about the binary division of gender. The changing sales and marketing trends are huge indicators of this trend. Mintel, the market research authority has long anticipated gender-neutral products hitting the market. Its Global Beauty Trends for 2018 reports the deviating trend of consumers. It indicates a shift from stereotype gender-specific products to a more neutral note.

The same narration goes for scents and colognes. Unisex smells with unique innovations are big on sales. Liberty London reported a 40 percent rise in androgynous perfume sales. The general fragrance market grew by only 1 percent last year. Yet the sales for gender-blind scents surpassed all other categories. There was an increase of almost 23 percent, as reported by research firm Euromonitor International.

More and more brands adopt gender-neutral attitude while designing their fragrances. This is because a scent is a subjective quality. The notes change depending upon skin chemistry. So the designers are delivering a fluidity to scent character while trying varying combinations. Mintel also predicted consumers' community who would select cosmetic brands that

'Recognize, respect, and represent their physical characteristics and identities extending beyond their appearance."

Fragrances take a minimalistic and aesthetic approach when defining a gender. There is nothing best than a scented fluid sharable with your loved one. There is more room on the dressing table. You get to save some precious pennies by buying a single bottle for use by two. There is no chance of forgetting your scent while traveling. So what is a unisex cologne? What notes does it carry? Read on. It might change your olfactory tastes to match the latest vogue.

What is a unisex cologne?

A hybrid breed, a unisex cologne caters to use by either sex.

“A fragrance a guy would also be comfortable wearing as much as a woman”. As defined by Frank Voelkl, who works as a nose for Firmenich, a fragrance house. This means integrating male and female scents in such a way that they strike balance.

Either a marketing technique or a gender-specific ritual following. The beauty industry curated the relationship between gender and fragrance notes. Why? Because beauty remains segregated. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Certain specifics go along with either sex. Whatever the case be, it is easier to sell perfumes as masculine and feminine. The sweet-scented floral scents for women. The dark musky and heady notes for men.

There was a shift in perfume production in the late 19th century. From single-flower exclusive essences to blended formulas. Perfume marketing targeted consumers based on their sex. Yet, the fragrance was gender-neutral before this.

Changing beauty standards are integrating convenience and minimalism. A step back to old times and traditions. Today, anyone can wear a scent they prefer. In a world of individualism, that is the preferred lifestyle as well. You are not expected to smell woody to show your masculinity. Nor you need to be jasmine-scented for a feminine show. It is all about smelling good and smelling your authentic-self.

The upsurge in boutique fragrance houses has also contributed to the trend. Many natural and organic-based scent makers steer clear of gender labels altogether. Their whole focus gyrates around on the ingredients and artisanal manufacturing protocols.

The olfactory profile of unisex cologne

Unisex fragrances are daring and bold. There is a huge scope for experimentation in this filed. The designers are no shy in trying out new notes. Crisp, clean and fresh. That remains the staple of agender scents.

A unisex scent is easy to create. It includes masculine notes primarily because women seem to be more open to trying them. With a subtle character, unisex notes are about conviction. They do not please everybody. It is because they identify with one's personality rather than reflecting a gender-based judgment.

Modern consumers go for scents that suit their personalities. A good scent has universal appeal. That is the essence of asexual perfume. A cool combo of art and chemistry. It charms the one bored with floral smells and musky odors. These notes represent a middle ground between chic feminine florals and musky spicy scents.

If you worry about how the different notes smell, do not fret. The notes of a asexual cologne interact with one’s pheromones. Together with your natural body heat, each scent transforms into a unique note. Every note carries a personal touch. You might have observed different shades of lip color give off different tones. The same goes for perfume notes. No two individuals wearing the same perfume smell the same. 

The niche perfume market has flourished. It has shifted the whole paradigm of designers’ favorite notes. Unisex cologne tips the balance to the middle where every smell is up for grabs. Take the example of rum, patchouli and cedar base. The cedar accord has no citrus or florals scent. It is as rough as it can be, no freshness there. But these notes draw customers from either sex, a majority of them are women.

These fragrances are hot-sellers. It is because the modern consumer is well-versed in their storylines and definitions. So the parallel unisex cologne is democratic, independent and self-ruled. The notes explore fluidity and neutrality as regards gender identity. It depicts a transition and a flexible approach that defines personal impression.  

Unisex scents meant light and airy colognes in the preceding years. These notes are not so citrusy.The new asexual blends resist coming on too strong as well. Prominent odors include herbal, mossy and earthy ingredients. For example, exotic woods and unusual plant notes. The buzzwords of today’s perfum-making relate to authenticity, transparency, and nature-inspired. A vast number of them are not shy to show their feminine side.

Unisex colognes harmonize woody and floral notes. They are subtle and light with a distinct accord. For example sandalwood and musk as base notes and lavender and Hawthorne petals as the heart. Another combination is lavender, white pepper, iris, violet, and cedar. Cultural norms also play their part. In the Middle East, rose is a prevalent note in many scents. In the subcontinent, fragrances frequently contain the notes of jasmine, henna, and sandalwood.

The agender scents are not always playing seductive or a power-game. They are all about expressing yourself and reflecting on your choice. Individuals use fragrance notes differently on different occasions. Owning a perfume wardrobe means you are taking advantage of the full spectrum of scents. A liberation from traditional limitations.

Some of the best notes used in unisex colognes include:

  • The fresh zesty note of citrus fruit like orange blossom and lemon
  • The woody resinous smell of oud
  • The fresh oceanic note
  • A perfect collage of fruit and spice; Haitian vetiver with the saccharinity of fig
  • Notes of bergamot and lemon on a base of musk
  • Alluring oud with sweet bergamot
  • Citrusy fragrance resting on a sensual base of Tonka bean, white patchouli, and musk
  • Notes of Neroli, bergamot, and grapefruit merged with sandalwood and ambergris deliver an uplifting and enticing experience
  • Vanilla, leather, and agarwood
  • Rose, lavender, cumin, and violet
  • Fruity note of pear with moss
  • Woody note of sandalwood with pink pepper

Why should one wear unisex cologne?

Anyone can have their reasons to go for gender-neutral scent. Here is what we understand about the subject.

  • Exclusivity

Far from rudimentary and basic routine. Unisex cologne delivers an unexpected smell. Everyone likes to hear comments like:

"You smell so different"

"What is it that you are wearing?"

"I cannot put my finger on your scent"

Mysterious and intriguing. It certainly invokes a seductive and luring appeal to your attire.

  • Liberty and emancipation

Unisex cologne feels like breaking boundaries. There are times when we need to do just that. A rebel act that denounces the norms of society. A spirited tomboy or a cool tomgirl. Acting out of the box gives you the break that sets you up to follow a routine with a zeal.

  • Lovely reminders

These fragrances instills a nostalgia.  A high-school friend, hubby in the line of duty, dear father and so on. They make important and sweet reminders of your loved ones and old days.

  • All-season perfect

A unisex cologne works all year around. It never goes out of fashion. No need to buy summer or winter varieties.

  • A feeling of rejuvenation

Whenever you try something new, it gives you a refreshing feeling. Agender scents have a way of introducing a novel touch to a boring routine. The olfactory profiles of agender fragrance also cater to crisp and clean vibes.

  • Longevity

Because of their bold and daring combination notes, the gender-blind perfumes tend to linger a bit longer than regular ones. Who does not want a smell to last all day long, be it expensive or fair-priced?

  • A perfect balance

The asexual scents cater to either sex. The designers make sure the notes are not too heavy nor too sweet. Often the masculine scents are musky and suffocating while her-collection is teasingly sweet. The subject fragrances are a big hit because they furbish the olfactory sense of either gender.

  • Convenient to layer

The unisex collection is easy to layer with other scents. They make a great base layer being compatible with many other notes. So you can have the liberty of layering them up according to any occasion without losing the original note.  

  • Integrates new technology

Unisex colognes have a new breed coming up. Scentless unisex cologne smells different on different people. The secret lies in escentric molecules. They blend with the wearer’s natural pheromones to create a smell unique to an individual. It is a fragrance that rules all.

  • An economical deal

There is nothing better than a fair-priced perfume which you and your partner fancy. Saving some precious pennies on a hassle-free purchase is big on saving time. 

  • A new vogue

Why should you wear a unisex scent? The reason is simple enough. Gender-blind fragrances are the new way to identify yourself. It subtracts the subjectivity that revolves around the male and female genders. The new term for fragrances without gender bias is that they are for all humans.  They are for a generation that is self-assured and poised enough. They can wear any fragrance that smells right for them and prompts a sentiment.

Unisex scents represent convenience. They remain a handy accessory in our fast-paced lives. Saving big on money. They save us from hassles of selecting different odors. Unisex perfumes help create bondage among two individuals. These fragrances are huge when it comes to marketing and sales. The agender revolution, which started in the 60’s has influenced every fashion detail, including perfumes. 

A fragrance has no gender. A rose remains a rose and woody oud remains as it is. According to experts, labeling a fragrance note to gender is Victorian and outdated. If you love a scent and can relate to it, you should wear it. If it makes you walk tall and feel sexier, go for it. A scent that describes you is worthy of you.


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