An Oud Affair Combo | Oasis Oud & Royal Saffron Oud

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An enchanting tale unfolds with the arrival of An Oud Affair, a captivating duo of fragrances destined to elevate the festive spirit. In this exclusive holiday set, the mystical allure of Oasis Oud transports you to sun-kissed desert realms with its warm, woody embrace, while Royal Saffron Oud unveils a majestic symphony of saffron and oud, echoing the opulence of regal celebrations. Together, they promise a sensory journey, an olfactory expedition into realms both exotic and divine, ensuring that this holiday season becomes an unforgettable chapter in the scented chronicles of An Oud Affair.


Oasis Oud

Like a precious chest hidden in a forgotten palace, Oasis Oud is evocative of secret treasures: a casket of sweet, dry cedar filled brimful with a rich variety of the warmest, spiciest notes in the perfumer’s palette. Accords of precious woods and amber frame the composition with a classic elegance, while rich cistus and sueded leather capture a seductive smokiness that lingers on the skin for an unforgettable fragrance. A perfect signature for men or women.

Perfumer: Christine Hassan

Top: Raspberry Leaf, Cypriol Oil India Orpur®

Heart: Peony, Jasmine, Leather, Patchouli Heart Oil Indonesia Oil®

Base: Cistus Oil Spain Orpur®, Cedarwood Oil Virginia Orpur®, Musk, Oud, Tonka


Royal Saffron Oud

Saffron is the most expensive and precious spice in the world. Royal Saffron Oud captures the spirit of gold in the form of fragrance. Like the precious metal, it opens with opulent notes of saffron and cardamom that melt seamlessly into a heart blended of sheer jasmine and luscious osmanthus. Precious ambers and woods glimmer on the skin for hours like the precious metal, for a subtle but truly royal effect. For the man or woman who appreciates the finer things in life.


Top: Cardamom Oil Orpur®, Saffron, Creamy Amber

Heart: Geranium Oil Egypt Orpur®, Jasmine, Osmanthus

Base: Patchouli Oil MD Indonesia Orpur®, Sandalwood Oil Australia Orpur®, Vetiver, Musk