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Tobacco & Oud

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Master Perfumers

Formulated by Master Perfumers with years of experience creating world-class fragrances.

Unique, Rich & Rare Ingredients

Both familiar scents and exotic spices, fairly sourced.

Long Lasting & Powerful

Excellent longevity and projection and a strong sillage.

Scent Pyramid

  • Top Notes


    A sweet and warm, powdery tenacious spicy note.

  • Top Notes


    A fresh, elegant and light citrus note with mild spicy undertones. Aromatic and slightly fruity.

  • Top Notes


    Savory, aromatic culinary note with hazy, soft and mildly peppery aspects.

  • Top Notes

    Pink Pepper

    A fresh spicy floral and herbal top note with rosy nuance.

  • Middle Notes

    Honeyed Tobacco

    A rich, nuanced, warm and sweet herbaceous scent of tobacco intermingled with sweet honey.

  • Middle Notes


    A full rosy nuance with green aromatic undertones.

  • Middle Notes

    Guaiac Wood

    Sweet balsamic vanilla-like with woody smoky, leathery, tar-like undertones.

  • Base Notes


    An intense, dark roast facet.

  • Base Notes


    Reminiscent of cured hides and leather goods. Very slight.

  • Base Notes


    A rich, musty woody-nutty scent that is highly prized.

  • Base Notes

    Dry Amber

    A sweet, resinous, cozy and warm amber, slightly dry.

  • Base Notes


    A deep, powerful, leathery and ambery note.

Sweet. Savory. Spicy. Herbaceous.

Fresh notes of bergamot and pepper open to a heart of sweet tobacco and spicy geranium.

Finishing with golden waves of honey melting over smoky oud and rich coffee.

For the one who wants the perfect moment to last forever.



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Why We Started Habibi

Five years ago, we found ourselves as a young married couple with small kids, busy careers, and very little time for each other.

Months flew by like weeks, weeks like days. As much as we were on the run, we really learned to appreciate the little joys of life. It was these precious moments that we wanted to capture and remember

We decided to make a fragrance line that will allow us to capture our moments in ways beyond what cameras will allow. 

We wanted to remember our experiences and the people we are so closely linked to through beautiful and unique scents.

Through Habibi, we are able to spread and share the love and happiness we want to experience for ourselves.


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