Find Your Signature Scent Among the Finest Oud Fragrances

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

Embrace the spirit of the desert with Desert Oud, a fragrance inspired by the first raindrops on warm desert sand.

This scent is as enduring as your adventurous journey ahead. With its truly unqiue and masculine aroma, Desert Oud stands out in the world of Oud fragrances.

Experience a first-class journey through the Arabian Desert and become the man who seeks the extraordinary.

Timeless Elegance in a Bottle

Close your eyes and let Jasmine Oud transport you to a lush garden in full bloom.

Imagine the soft, sensual embrace of Jasmine flowers in the air, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the mysterious allure of oud wood. This fragrance is a timeless masterpiece, designed for the woman who appreciates the art of perfurmery and values the enduring elegance of a classic scent.

Whether you're going to a sophisticated soirée or simply want to add a touch of refinement to your everyday life, Jasmine Oud Absolute is your go-to choice.

Immerse yourself in the allure of timeless elegance and leave a trail of mesmerized admirers wherever you go.

Habibi New York Jasmine Oud Absolute is a timeless fragrance that you can wear to work, to worship, or around any large crowd.

Never overpowering, you will first smell the jasmine, rose and Black pepper notes in this fragrance before the oud, which makes it another fantastic option for an easy but still sophisticated daily fragrance.

Introducing Habibi New York's Master Perfumers: Artisans of Scent Craftsmanship

What is a fragrance without a world-class perfumer shaping its essence? At Habibi New York, we believe that the heart and soul of our fragrances lie in the hands of our master perfumers.

We've sought out and collaborated with the finest, world-renowned artisans of scent to craft fresh, clean and modern Oud-based fragrances that redefine luxury.

Our fragrances are far from the ordinary; they are extraordinary, meticulously composed with rare and exotic notes that are blended to perfection. It's the artistry of our master perfumers that elevates our scents beyond the realm of mere fragrance; they become olfactory masterpieces.

Experience the magic crafted by our master perfumersand elevate your everyday with Habibi New York's Oud-based fragrances.


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