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The Royal Holidays Set | Velvet Royale & Sahara Rose Absolute

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Amidst regal festivities, The Royal Holiday unfolds with Velvet Royale and Sahara Rose Absolute.

Made by renowned perfumer Quentin Bisch, Velvet Royale is a magical delight in a bottle.

Trail your fingertips across purple velvet – one way, and the color deepens to an impossibly rich hue; another way, and you leave behind a wash of silvery lavender. Velvet Royal captures the soft, powdery magic of the violet in all its elusive beauty. Shadowy wisps of cashmeran and lily of the valley emphasize the moonlit delicacy of the purple blossoms, deepening into notes of warm vanilla and woody patchouli that cling to the skin for hours into the night. A fragrance of otherworldly beauty for the most extraordinary of occasions.

Sahara Rose Absolute

This composition sings all kinds of precious notes ... Floral and oriental nuances balance out this gorgeous scent that is not to be missed by anybody! Romantic Turkish rose, geranium,jasmine and sour blackcurrant open the scent. In the heart, rich saffron, pink pepper and agarwood combine with incense to get a memorable effect. Woody musky base is closed by dry vetiver, creamy sandalwood, amber and white musks.