A Fresh & Zesty Festivity Combo | Sage & Citrus Oud and Spiced Bergamot & Orris

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Embrace the holiday cheer with A Sweet and Zesty Festivity, a harmonious duo that elevates seasonal joy to new heights. In this exclusive set, the invigorating notes of Sage & Citrus Oud intertwine, conjuring crisp winter mornings and the warmth of festive gatherings. Complementing this symphony, Spiced Bergamot & Orris unleashes a tantalizing blend, infusing the air with the lively essence of citrus and the subtle allure of spice. Together, these fragrances create an olfactory celebration that transforms every moment into a sweet and zesty memory, ensuring this holiday season is nothing short of extraordinary.


Sage & Citrus Oud

Inspired by the feeling of climbing a mountain, reaching the summit and smelling the fresh, clean air with the feeling of joy – You’ve made it!

Open the door to a world of still forests, thundering rivers, and pristine mountain air. Sage & Citrus Oud constructs the perfect harmony between nature and you

Perfumer: Santoshe Sindhe

Top: Armoise Oil Morocco, Lemon, Orange Oil, Cumin Seed Oil

Heart: Lavender, Geranium, Sage, Black Pepper Oil Madagascar Orpur®

Base: Patchouli Oil Decolor Indonesia Orpur®, Vetiver Oil Indonesia Orpur®, Cedarwood Oil Virginia USA Orpur®, Oud


Spiced Bergamot & Orris

Calm and poised, Bergamot is the most complex of the citrus notes – fresh, invigorating, and with a subtle florality that gives the signature flavor to Earl Grey tea. Like a perfectly tailored suit, Spiced Bergamot & Orris gives the classic touch of masculine elegance, for the man who’s ready to conquer.

Perfumers: Guillaume Flavigny and Olivia Jan

Top: Cardamom Oil, Bergamot, Sauge, Black Pepper, Sparkling Citrus

Heart: Geranium Egypt, Cistus, Orris, Lavandin France

Base: Tonka, Cedarwood, Vetiver Haiti, Oud